Personal Training

My personal training takes place at the Stour Centre in Ashford.The Stour Centre
Station Approach
TN23 1ET
Training is now available for both Ashford Leisure Trust members and non-members.

If you are interested, please contact me first to discuss details before booking any sessions through Ashford Leisure Trust.

Price per session

60 minute session


10 sessions for £270

With personal training you can take advantage of my experience and expertise, with effective and time-efficient training sessions, progressive technical instruction and appropriate encouragement. All of this will be based on a personal fitness plan specifically designed for your needs and goals, which is why there is a minimum booking requirement. The training is not just limited to your time in the gym, either, but can include nutrition and lifestyle advice and plans and reviews of your own training.

I am able to help anyone improve their fitness. Specifically, my expertise lies in building all-around fitness - improving strength and muscle tone as well as endurance and cardiovascular fitness. I also have experience of strength and conditioning for sports, including athletics, football, cricket, tennis and rowing, at a range of levels. If you are looking to start running or improve your endurance, I am also happy to help.


“I have known Jonathan for less than 4 months, but already realise how lucky I am to be under his expert guidance.

“Having been through a weight loss programme and bilateral total knee replacements I was beginning to get complacent and slip back into old habits. Jonathan has turned my apathy around and is getting results beyond my aspirations.

“I find Jonathan quiet and unassuming with a terrific sense of humour. His thoughtful, caring attitude is apparent when I can’t manage some task set for me. His ability to find a suitable alternative which is manageable, yet still creates the feeling of (and actual) achievement, is an admirable quality.

“I expect that part of Jonathan’s effectiveness can be attributed to his own athletic training and challenges - this is a great inspiration and I cannot help but try my best for him.”

Lindsay, Bethersden in Ashford

“I personally believe that Jonathan has completely changed me as a person. I feel mentally and physically stronger as an individual. This is because I can do exercises I previously would not have thought about doing. I have improved my cricket and have recently been selected for the south Kent, Southern Spartans team.

“I have also been building a routine and I have been able to do so effectively, and doing training has given me discipline. Therefore I will recommend training with Jonathan as he is not only qualified but he pushes you to do better.”

Arnav, Willesborough in Ashford

“Working out with Jonathan was awesome. He was friendly and helped me get back into my fitness after a long gap. He was very knowledgeable about the exercises for my body type and the equipment. I definitely hope to work with him in future gym sessions.”

Ananta, Ashford

“I have cerebral palsy and I can’t walk so Jonathan helps me get fitter and stronger. Cerebral palsy can be hard because I can’t use my legs and I have got a slight bit of brain damage. When I was born I had a small bleed on the brain and that’s why I can’t walk. Being in a wheelchair can be hard so I go to the gym to forget about my disability for an hour or two. When I’m in the gym I don’t feel like I have a disability and I just lift weights. I forget about all my troubles in life. I’m training as a person, not as a person in a wheelchair.

“My disability doesn’t stop Jonathan from pushing me and since I’ve been working with him I have seen a lot of improvements. I’ve done a hell of a lot of weightlifting and different types of exercise. I can do the same things as an able-bodied person but with slight adjustments so that I can succeed. Before I met Jonathan, I didn’t work as hard and I messed about a lot but the things that he gets me to do have made me realise that being in a wheelchair doesn’t matter. I can live the same life as an able-bodied person.”

Johnny, Ashford

Johnny is happy to help anyone who would like to know more about training with a disability. If you would like to speak to Johnny about his experience with cerebral palsy, contact me or connect with him on Instagram.