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Race walking – What every athlete and athletics fan needs to know…


Jonathan Hobbs

I was asked by On Track Athletics and Off Track and Running to write a series of articles about race walking, called #WalkingWednesday. The first article is simple: what every athlete and athletics fan needs to know.


One of the best things about athletics is the wide variety of ways in which people can push themselves to their limits. Some of these are pretty obvious – such as the 100m where the goal is: “run fast”. Race walking is probably the least straightforward discipline in athletics, being widely misunderstood, commonly dismissed and sometimes altogether unknown. However, it has a charm and a challenge that will resonate with any athletics fan.


Race walkers rarely start without some outside encouragement. A common story is that they are entered into an event just to get the points for the club. Sometimes they are told to do it as a rehab exercise for running injuries. Then there are those like me, having been brought up with race walking in the family and a role model to follow. However it happens, they find the novel challenge to be exhilarating and, with commitment, manage to master the technique...


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