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Heroes of race walking – Part 1, worldwide


Jonathan Hobbs

Today’s article for #WalkingWednesday on On Track Athletics and Off Track and Running is about the international heroes of race walking. Stay tuned for the second part, talking about Britain’s greatest walkers.


As I mentioned in a previous article for #WalkingWednesday, race walkers come from all around the world. I also said that race walking is a sport of heroes. The greats of the sport are remembered for their heroic feats.


Yohan Diniz (France)
Now coming towards the end of his career but still competitive, Yohan Diniz is the current 50km world record holder, gaining it in 2013 in his third European championships victory. In March 2015 he also broke the 20km record. The following week he was entered in another race, enjoying his new status, until only a couple of hours before the start time he learnt that his time had been beaten earlier that day in Japan…


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