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Irish 20km Championships


After my win at the National 50km Championships in September, I was left with two contradictory inclinations. One on hand, I had completed my third 50km of the year and felt it was time for some recovery. On the other, I had been unable to convert my best ever run of training and fitness into a fast time so I wanted one more go. Ultimately, I opted for both, because paradoxes are always entertaining. I decided to enter the Irish 20km championships to see if I could make the most of my hard work, but at the same time I took plenty of time to rest and try to recuperate.

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French 50km Championships


It’s March and I’ve completed my second 50km race of the year, this time in the French championships in Mérignac (Bordeaux). I got a new PB, a podium finish and some positive feedback from the judges. I don’t know if there will ever be a race when everything goes right but, on balance, it was a good day for me.

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Measuring progress


Effective training gets results and seeing these results can be one of the most gratifying aspects of training. Therefore, it’s important to determine what to look for and how to look at them.

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Portuguese 50km Championships


My first competition of 2018, and the first of this blog, was the Portuguese 50km championships on 7th January. This was the first of what will hopefully be three 50km races this year and I was hoping to make some real progress as soon as possible. It could have gone better.

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