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“Run like someone’s watching” and 4 more ways runners can learn from race walking


Jonathan Hobbs

For this #WalkingWednesday for On Track Athletics and Off Track and Running, I gave some pointers for runners on how to learn from the things race walkers get right.


In my articles for #WalkingWednesday I talk about race walking and its unique charm. I would love to think that I might have encouraged some of you to give it a go but I know I won’t have convinced everyone. However, you can still learn a lot from race walking that will help to improve your running.


Technique – Run like someone’s watching


In race walking, technique is incredibly important and if you get it wrong you risk disqualification check out my blog on this here. However, just because you won’t be disqualified in running that doesn’t mean you can be complacent. It should hardly need to be said that good running form can improve efficiency and speed and reduce the risk of injury. Yet many runners, especially mid-level runners who have been running for a couple of years of more, tend to miss out on technical training and fall into bad habits with a weak upper body and a lazy leg swing…


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