Athlete Bio

50km Race Walker

Basic Info

DoB: 17/05/1993

Started: 2002

Club: Ashford AC

Disciplines: Race Walking, Road Running, Steeplechase


5km Walk: 23:58, 2017

10km Walk: 48:27, 2017

20km Walk: 1:40:51, 2019

50km Walk: 4:37:42, 2018

Competitive Highlights

1st in Race Walking Association National 50km, 2014 and 2018

2nd in National 20km Championships, 2015

8th in 6 Nations Match, Switzerland, 2012

3 x Champion in Guernsey Church-to-Church 19.4 mile Walk, 2013, 2014, 2017

11 x National Age Group Champion, 2008-2011

Race walking for over 15 years and 2-time national champion over 50km.

At the start of my race walking career, I simply followed in the footsteps of my father, Chris, who has been race walking since his youth. It is a discipline with which it is easy to fall in love.

As a youngster, the distances go from 1km to 10km when you’re 17 or 18. As I grew older, I competed in many age-group national championships and won a few. But people could always tell – from my strengths, my style and my race tactics – that I was destined for the 50km. It’s the longest event in the regular athletics schedule and, alongside the decathlon, the toughest. It is also a deceptively exciting event, with disqualifications, tactical manouevering, destructive breakdowns and unbelievable recoveries.

At last, in 2014 I made my 50k début and became the youngest ever winner of the Race Walking Association 50km championships. In its 85+ years of history, it has been won by many greats of race walking, including 6 Olympic medallists. The race took me 5 hours, 12 minutes and 24 seconds and I barely had strength to lift the cup afterwards but I knew that I had found my event. Sixteen months later, I raced alongside the world record holder. Naturally, he beat me thoroughly, but I was inspired to reduce my time considerably. I am now working hard, trying to lower my time further to qualify for major international competition.

Devoted as I am to the 50km walk, I am not afraid to try new challenges. In 2015 I took up the steeplechase and now spend a couple of months a year on this to give myself a rest from race walking training. I also ran my début marathon in 2017, coming third in the Guernsey Marathon and running under 3 hours.

You can find out a little more about my athletics in my Photostory and in my Blog. As well as an athlete, I am also a coach and personal trainer and you can find out about this in my Trainer Bio.